Paul was the centre of attraction at the Checkatrade winter charity ball. He amazed the audience and kept us all wondering just how he did it. A great show. - Kevin Byrne , MD at

From product launches to company conventions, from staff training to client shindigs, he’s done them all.

If you want your clients wowed, or your launch to go with an extra bang (not literally, he doesn’t use dynamite!) then find out what Paul can do for you.

Maybe you’ve got an exhibition coming up and you need a way to stop those potential customers from walking straight past you? That could be Paul’s job, he can entertain them, start talking with them and then find out if they actually need or want your service? It’s then a simple introduction to one of your team which turns a very cold lead into a helpful introduction instead!

Whatever the situation it costs nothing to email Paul and find out if he can help.


I'm a very logical man and I'm not easily fooled but Paul is the only magician I've ever seen that has totally baffled me. At a DJC event, knowing my cynicism he invited me into his performance - a brave move that I genuinely believed he would live to regret.  Unfortunately for me, he didn't - by the end of the evening I was questioning everything I thought to be true - utterly amazing! - Ross Coombes, Head of Black (future), Director & Co-founder of Adido

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